Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hollister Highway Construction Ahead of Schedule

Cliff Sain of the Branson Daily News (BDN) reported Hollister highway contruction is ahead of schedule in this weekend's edition of the paper.

By Cliff Sain
BDN Staff Writer

HOLLISTER — According to city officials, Hollister motorists could be driving on a new interchange as early as June.

Although several factors could yet cause delays, City Administrator Rick Ziegenfuss said that state and construction officials claim that, if all goes well, traffic could be driving on the interchange in two months.

“They are targeting mid-to-late June on having the interchange driveable,” Ziegenfuss said.

At that time, traffic will get off and on U.S. 65 at one interchange, located just south of SouthTowne Centre. Traffic would also begin using a “flyover” bridge that will carry motorists, traveling on Business 65 and V Highway, over 65. Drivers would no longer be able to get off of Business 65 at that location.

Ziegenfuss said crews are preparing to pave.

“Next week starts 30 straight days of paving, so the project will begin to look significantly different,” he said.

In the next two weeks, motorists will likely be driving on the northbound bridge over the interchange, rather than using what will eventually be the interchange exit lanes.

He also said crews will begin pouring concrete on the new bridge over Lake Taneycomo in the next two weeks.

As the project starts to more closely resemble the finished product, Ziegenfuss said it is causing a new problem — motorists driving on unfinished roads.

“We’re having problems with people driving on closed portions,” he said. “People have to stay off those.”

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